Snowboarding in Bosnia
Snowboarding in Bosnia
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Why Bosnia? One of Europe’s last hidden secrets has to be Bosnia. If you’re looking for that unique travelling experience or just an awe-inspiring holiday, this country has some of the most diverse landscapes waiting to be explored. Bordering with Croatia and Serbia & Montenegro, it is beyond your expectations with a spectacular mix of all of these cultures and more ... more

"Thanks to all who helped us have a great time skiing in Bosnia everything about the holiday was first class. Thanks again"   Chris Deighton, Feb 2008

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"At Sunshine World we have been organising licensed holidays to Bosnia since 2007. The country is fascinating and it's well documented what a heartbreaking history the country has suffered. What is far more evident when you visit the country, especially the enchanting capital, Sarajevo, is the particular, quiet wisdom which emanates from the locals. Having suffered through war less than 20 years ago the scars are still visible on every level but the defiant unity and love which the people have for their country and each other is what I feel most prominently whenever I'm in the country.

There are certainly problems and infrastructure is still disorganised by Western standards and corruption is widespread on every level of the country's infrastructure which unquestionably slows the progress the nation makes each year.

From the impressive Olympic ski resort of Jahorina to the beautiful town and famous bridge at Mostar and the historically famous Sarajevo, Bosnia has many absolutely unique charms. Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Serbs are all still living side by side in relative peace and I'm confident that the world still has many lessons to learn from the Bosnian people.

Direct flight routes are increasing from around the world to Sarajevo and the country is easily accessible from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia which all have good flight connections also.

I would recommend at least one visit to Bosnia for any person who takes their travel, culture and life experiences seriously. A fun, vibrant, beautiful and incredibly deep people await with a sometimes cautious and curious but still fairly open and welcoming attitude."

Alan Garcia

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Proudly recommended by TV's "The Friday Night Project"
Proudly recommended by TV's "The Friday Night Project

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